How to see what groups someone is in on Facebook

You’ve not explored the full capabilities of Facebook until you have tapped the power of Facebook groups.

The challenge with Facebook groups is that the most exciting ones are often kept private. Which means you can scarcely find them.

A solution to this problem is finding out what groups your friends are on Facebook.

Why should you know?

There are numerous reasons why you should see the groups someone is on Facebook.

People have gotten jobs and business opportunities through the information they got on a Facebook group.

There are cases where scholarship opportunities were handed to participants of a Facebook group.

Information from Facebook groups can also come by way of training such as webinars, and other helpful updates from members.

Why miss all the fun?

Your friends are probably sharing some intricate details about their lives and having lots of fun on a Facebook group. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

Besides the fun, how about a ‘Master Mind Group’ like Napoleon Hill wrote in his famous book ’Think and Grow Rich’?

Such a group exists on Facebook and your friends are most likely in it, sharing ideas, learning and getting better. You certainly want in.

But how do you find out the Groups?

How to know the group your friends are in on Facebook

Now, let’s dig into how to find out the groups your friends are in.

You don’t need to be a detective or forensic expert to do this. Simply follow the three simple steps outlined below.

Step 1. Login to Facebook

Open a tab and log in to Facebook.

Step 2. Click on Groups

Once logged in on Facebook, click on Groups. It’s circled in red in the image below.

The page that loads show you a few groups your friends are in. See the next image.

You can already see some of the Groups your friends are in. See the highlighted red circle in the image above.

Step 3. See all

The final step to see all the groups your friends are on. To do this, click on See All from the Groups page you’re on. See the next images.

Generally, this gives you a picture of all the groups your friends are on Facebook.

How about the group a particular friend is on Facebook?

Now, things get a bit tricky when you’re trying to find out the Group someone is on Facebook. Say your Facebook friend.

You can use Facebook Graph and execute a search like “Friends name, Groups”.

For example, if I perform a search with the keyword ‘Antonio Evans groups’. I would instantly get a list of the groups Antonio Evans belongs to.

If I click See All, I get to see the entire list of groups Antonio belongs to is displayed.

However, you only see the public groups a person belongs to.

A year ago, there were three types of Groups on Facebook.

  1. Public/Open Groups
  2. Closed/Private Groups
  3. Secret/Hidden Group

Public/Open Groups

Open Groups are accessible to anyone on Facebook. So if your friends or a person is part of an Open Group, you can see the group posts on your newsfeed, or by performing a simple search on the Facebook search bar.

Hence, if someone belongs to a Public Group, you find out what groups they’re in by performing a search with the keywords [person’s name groups joined]. For example “Chioma precious groups joined”.

Closed Group

Closed/Private Groups come with added restrictions. However, you will find them in searches. Including member list.

You can still find friends and people who belong to these groups, but you need to receive approval from either an admin or an existing member to join such groups.

Secret Groups

Secret Groups or Hidden Groups are the most private groups on Facebook. You won’t find them in Public searches and the posts made there won’t appear on the news feed.

If someone is in a Secret Facebook Group, there’s no way to know unless you somehow stumble upon the Group. That’s the point of the secret group anyway – keep everything secret to ensure people can’t know what goes on there.

New Privacy Settings from Facebook

At the end of 2019, Facebook rolled out new privacy settings for Facebook Groups.

So the idea of Secret and Closed Groups was taken out and we were left with just Private Groups.

It means there are only two types of Facebook Groups in existence – Public and Private Groups.

The company also created the rules for each Group Type as can be seen in the image.

Now, if you’re looking for the Group someone belongs to on Facebook, you can perform a search like “Friends name, Groups”. But you still can only see the Public Groups the user belongs to; unless they’re a moderator on the group. The rules make it clear.

If the user is your friend and belongs to a private group, you can find out what group they’re in by checking out the generic list of groups your friends belong to.

This can be done by clicking on Group as was highlighted in Steps 2 and 3 above.


Facebook Groups are educative, informative and fun. People network on Facebook groups and even find genuine business opportunities.

But most Facebook groups are kept private which makes it difficult to know the group someone belongs to.

However, it’s easy to find out the Facebook Group your friends are in if you follow the steps highlighted in this article.

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